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ISO Certifying Services

When things don't work as they should, it often means that standards are absent

Sudan is known for its great resources; but still many of the businesses and projects does not make the expected success. And while every company look to the ISO certificate as from marketing perspective; like a badge increases sales;
We, in Jalala development LTD believe that, it is not about getting the ISO certificate, it is about the changes you made to get your business really qualified for it.
Implementation of Quality Management System by Sudanese different institutions in different sectors can add a big value specially agriculture industrial and business sectors. Which can lead to integration of these different sectors into the international trade.

What do we offer ??

Jalala provides the service of quality management system, we are a qualifying company, the products, the human resources, the facilities, by implementing the standards of the ISO to different private or public sector and corporate or institutions.

What makes Jalala different ??

  1. Our mission is with the client, not the certificate provider, we don’t sell or we don’t implement fake standards, so we walk together with the clients who really believes that they need to implement the real standards, which really result in great development in their business.
  2. We do have a partnership with a certifying body. So by choosing Jalala development company to implement the standards of the ISO or whatever it is in the quality management like ISO 9731 , or in the environmental health or in the security, whatever all these standards is really highly needed and we do implement, and we make sure that the certifying body is definitely going to certify the client with real certificate from a reputable certifying body like our Partner Q Technic.
  3. We do our service by professional and highly qualified consultants, which we see it is the only way to insure the high reliability and trustworthy that we have from both clients and partners.

International quality certificates

International quality certificates help you reach the highest degree of efficiency in production and performance and are applied according to specific standards

So, these are the main three points that we really believe to make the maximum use of these standards to a well-deserved certificate and real change in the institution